Hello! My name is Maria Benson and I am so happy that I was introduced to DermMatch. It has literally given me a second chance at life. I am now not afraid to go out and really "live". I used to be afraid to go swimming, get my pictures taken, go under fluorescent lighting or even out in the sun. Not now, I feel like I can do all of the above and not have to worry about it at all. I was really surprised that DermMatch really improved the thick looking appearance of my hair. I was a bit skeptical due to trying numerous products like thickening shampoos, conditioners, and various treatments. They were very time consuming, inconvenient and I still saw little or no results. This was easy and immediate. I feel like my confidence has been greatly boosted by this amazing product. I am even experimenting with new hair styles which is very fun for me since I haven't done that in years!! Thank you DermMatch!!

Maria Benson

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"I find it difficult to express how much DermMatch has improved my life. Before finding DermMatch, I tried several things, including the spray-on "head paint," and the powdered stuff, which is actually wool. (I found out when my head itched terribly.) None of these were satisfactory. Then I wore wigs and falls, which were hot, and so heavy that they gave me headaches. I had a low grade temp when I was seven that lasted for 2 1/2 months. My mom was sick so I had to do my own hair, and because it was long, thick, and curly, I learned that it was easiest to maintain in a pony tail, 24/7. When I got well, my mom took me for my quarterly trimming; the hairdresser took out the rubber band and started screaming. "What has happened to this child's hair?" she shouted, and promptly cut my hair off in a "Buster Brown." I cried all the way home. So I've struggled with thin hair all my life, but it has gotten worse and worse as I've gotten older (I'm now 60). I would be in a wig every day, miserable with the heat and feeling like a fake, if it weren't for Dermatch. What would my new husband think when I took off my hair each night? (Along with my glass eye, wooden leg, and padded bra....) Most people think my hair is very thick, but it's all due to DermMatch. Thanks so much for the ability to go out every day and feel "normal", attractive, and free to forget about my appearance and to focus my thinking on the other people I contact and their lives. In other words, to forget about me!"

Ryan "The Barber"

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"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for giving me back my self-image! A woman relies on her appearance and having thin hair can make you so insecure and self-conscious. DermMatch allows you to regain your self-confidence. My hair loss started in 2000 and since then I have had two hair transplants. Unfortunately, my hair loss continued and my hair is very thin on the crown and temple areas. When I had my first transplant, the doctor gave me a small sample of DermMatch. I used it while my scabs healed and when my hair first started to come in. After a while, I had to use it every time I washed my hair because my hair continued to get thin. I don't know what I would do without DermMatch. I am a brunette and my white scalp shines through my thin hair. DermMatch colors my scalp the same shade of my hair and it is amazing how it actually makes my hair look thick."

Anna Rose Cusick

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"I can't leave the house without DermMatch. I feel much better with thick, bushy hair on my head. Hair fibers and spray concealers don't give me the same effect. I also love that I can swim with it - I live in Florida! I had a hair transplant 20 years ago but I'm still thin on top, really thin in back. I’ve tried both the Silver Gray and White colors of DermMatch. As you can see, my hair is turning white but there’s still plenty of gray. I use Silver Gray and it's perfect. The White color is pure-white and I look forward to using it when my hair goes completely white. I colored my hair dark brown for the last 10 years. Recently I’ve noticed really famous people like George Clooney, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and many other celebrities with gray and white hair. It looks awesome. Even young, female rock stars like Pink have gone white. Maybe it’s a hot trend because it’s natural? Anyway, I’ve gone natural and I love it." PS - I own the company.

Glen Prytula
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